Bishop Josef Hrdlička Is 65

14. 01. 2007
From 1990, Mgr Josef Hrdlička is the auxiliary bishop of Olomouc. He is a chairman of the Department for the Divine Worship and the Council for the Culture and Historic Monuments at the Czech Bishops' Conference. Besides his pastoral service, he also writes spiritual books and translates English poetry. Full text of the news in Czech: HERE.

Olomouc: Josef Hrdlička was born in Velké Opatovice (North-West Moravia) on 19 January 1942. After leaving high school in 1959 he was a worker for 8 years – he was not permitted to university because of his belief. As late as 1967 he entered the Ss Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty in Litoměřice. In short period of loosing the communist rule, the faculty could return back to Olomouc and there Josef Hrdlička finished his studies and on 1 July 1972 he was ordained priest. He administered parishes in Northern and Western Moravia (Ostrava, Hoštejn, Hynčina, Maletín, Mírov), from 1986 he was a parish priest of parishes Liptaň, Pitárná, Třemešná, and Vysoká in the North-Moravian district Bruntál.

On 17 March 1990, Pope John Paul II named Josef Hrdlička the titular bishop of Thunudruma and the auxiliary bishop of Olomouc. He was ordained bishop on 7 April 1990 by Archbishop František Vaňák of Olomouc. His bishop's motto is "Vos dixi amicos" ("I called you friend", John 15:15).

He also publishes literary works, translations as well as his own books. He published translations from the English spiritual poetry: anthology of English 15-20 century spiritual poets "Démant a slza" (1999), poetry of G. M. Hopkins "Svíce uvnitř" (2002), poetry of G. K. Chesterton "Souzvuk barev" (2004). In "Celá krásná" he published translations of many European poets on Virgin Mary (2004). He also wrote many spiritual literature: Vím, komu jsem uvěřil (1997), Strmou stezkou (1997), Rodina se modlí (2000), Věřím, věříme (2001), Pane, ty máš slova věčného života (2001), Pane, ty víš všechno (2004), Vyprávěj mi o Ježíši (2006), Probuď se citero a harfo (2006).

In 2003-2005, he produced 26 radio programmes "Dialog víry a hudby" ("Faith and Music in Dialogue") for the Christian Radio Proglas.