The Day I Shall Go and Pray in Nature

27. 08. 2015
1st September is celebrated as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. Join us in accepting the invitation of Pope Francis on the Day I Shall Go and Pray in Nature.

As suggested by Pope Francis, this day should be an opportunity to thank God for the beauty of the world around us, to express our gratitude for what God entrusted to our care, and to ask him for help in protecting the entire creation. It should also inspire to specific initiatives in fighting the current environmental crisis of our planet.

The World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation has an ecumenical character as well, and it is not meant not only for believers. Anyone can stop and ponder a bit about the environment we live in and its perfection as well as have a think about how our way of life affects natural processes.

Responding to the invitation of Pope Francis, we offer you an opportunity to spend this day actively: Let’s set aside a few minutes to walk in nature and pray there. We’ll be glad if you invite your friends and families to take part. 

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(transl.: Jiří Gračka)

Author: František Jemelka