Caritas website accumulates offers of help for migrants

Refugees from countries afflicted by war are coming to Europe exhausted and bare-handed. For many Czechs who would like to help these migrants, the Caritas Czech Republic launched an electronic database where to offer help – accommodation, material support or volunteering.
Published: 14. 10. 2015 14:00

Prague: The Caritas Czech Republic launched a website on 24th September 2015 where people can easily offer their help of various kinds: free accommodation capacities, material support or some sort of service including translation, interpreting and language teaching.

“Our aim is to gather offers of help and transfer them according to actual and current needs to regions or to use them for help abroad,” said Lukáš Curylo, director of the Caritas Czech Republic that operates more than 320 local organizations throughout the country. “I hope that this tool can be useful and bring benefits for refugees,” added Curylo.

The address of the database is The website was created in response to the Statement of the presidency of the Czech Bishops’ Conference from 10th Sept. as well as an appeal of Pope Francis from 6th Sept. It is available in Czech only; more information on how to help can be found at the Caritas website.

Jiří Gračka

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