Czech Church helps Haiti not only through Caritas

Not only a collection, organized by the Caritas Czech Republic, will help victims of the Haiti earthquake, but also a January collection that took place in churches all over the Czech Republic. So far, some 27 million CZK (one million EUR) has been collected to help the needy in Haiti.
Published: 4. 2. 2010 10:30

Prague: Proceeds of the collection to help Haiti, run by the Caritas Czech Republic, are available at the organization's website. Besides the money sent to the Caritas bank account, proceeds of the money collection that took place in all Catholic churches in our country on Sunday, Jan 24 are given there.

The Caritas collection has gathered so far 18,151,704.7 CZK (some 700,000 Euros). People can still send money to the Caritas bank account number or via DMS, "donatory text message".

The Czech Bishops' Conference announced that money collection during all Sunday masses on Jan 24, 2010 will be used to help Haiti, too. Out of the eight Roman-Catholic dioceses in the Czech Republic, three have released the proceeds of the collection so far: 1,400,000 crowns were gathered in Ceske Budejovice, 771,354 in Litomerice and 6,525,792 in the Archdiocese of Olomouc. The Greek-Catholic Exarchate has collected 71,649 crowns, this making the current total sum 8,768,795 CZK (337,000 EUR).

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