The representatives of the Czech Christian media met in Prague

On Wednesday March 17, 2010 the representatives of the Czech Christian media met in Prague in the seat of the Czech Bishops Conference. Diego Contreras, the Dean of the School of the Church Communication of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, was the foreign guest speaker of this meeting.
Published: 17. 3. 2010 17:20

Prague: The every year meeting was led by RNDr. Irena Sargánková, CSc., the Press speaker of the Czech Bishops Conference. The representatives of the Czech Christian media informed each other about the actual development of their work and consulted the possibilities of the further cooperation.

After that Diego Contreras, the Dean of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome (website of the University is, spoke on the topic “Profile and role of the Christian journalist and his mission”. In his talk he stressed out three main topics connected with the problem of the crisis of society and with the understanding of the principles of journalism.

The first topic aimed on the crisis of the identity of the contemporary journalism which is affected by the economic depression and by the digital revolution. In this crisis one needs to ask the question “What is journalism and what is it for? Is it info-entertainment, is it used for the goals of politics or is it another business branch? The answer is not clear-cut, but journalism is nor another business line either an instrument of politics. Journalism should bring reliable information based on true investigation and coherent explanations. The reader or listener should understand the sense of the message and not only receive some fragmented pieces of information. The emphasis should be on the high journalist professionalism, which means that the truth should be searched; the criticism should be done without cynicism and with respect towards the criticized.

Further on Mr. Contreras focused on the anthropological aspects of the contemporary society in which journalists live. One needs to orientate oneself in the actual development of the society and to be able to interpret the principal questions of the civilization. The technological, bioethical and medical development of our society enabled the human being to affect itself but without the space for transcendence. Mankind heads for the culture of longing. The development is not geared by the nature but by the human intellect that can make changes quicker than the nature. This can be destructive for the human being if it is not on service of mankind.

The third important point mentioned the cultural debate of Framing Wars – so called theory of the concept of frames. The reality can be understood when we determinate its frame. Culture consists of different concepts that each other either complete or stand in contrast towards each other. The proper and sensible choice of the frame is important for the correct understanding of the journalist message.

The concluding discussion brought up the explanation of the media situation in Spain, Italy and Vatican. Diego Contreras emphasized the necessity to present the truth in the attractive way and stressed out the role of the journalist in pointing out of particular problems and asking questions and not only in answering them. The role of Christian journalism can be also seen in bringing alternative to actual problems.

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