Standpoint of the Czech Bishops´ Conference towards the media criticism of the Pope

The 80th plenary meeting of the Czech Bishops´ Conference took place in Prague in April 20-21, 2010, during which bishops from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia agreed on a joint standpoint towards the media criticism of the Holy Father.
Published: 22. 4. 2010 10:15

Standpoint of the Czech Bishops´ Conference towards the media criticism of the Holy Fatheer

In the last days attacks on the Holy Father in connection with the cases of priests who committed the disgusting sin of the abuse of children and adolescent have increased. As well as the Pope we also absolutely objurgate these sins in the spirit of the words of Jesus Christ, who said: "And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck (Mk, 9,42)". We join the apology of the Holy Father to all afflicted and together with him we express deep sorrow about the committed sins and about the wounding of the innocent.

At the same time we must object to those, who exploit these painful cases to their personal enrichment and to attacks on the Church and its representative. No institution in the world has done so much in the struggle against the sin and for the protection of the innocent - including the attention to the preventive measures and to solving of this particular problem – as the Catholic Church. We deny the confusion of the individual guilt and of the responsibility for the collective guilt. The accusation of the Pope or bishop for the sin of a priest is similarly wrongful as accusation of Christ for the betrayal of Judas. The constant media repetition of old cases has aspired to create an atmosphere of anger and dispraise of the whole status of priests or faithful Catholic, who have become innocent victims of the unscrupulous struggle creating the anti-catholic phobia.

Information read out of the context create wrong image. For example the USA statistics for the year 2008 indicated that 64% from these crimes had been committed in families, 10% at schools and only 0,03% by priests, which means there are only 3 priest among 10 000 cases. American advocates have been gaining half of the compensation for themselves and they boast about quick enrichment. Only the context has shown us the truth. But we repeat again, though if it concerned just one case, it is necessary to condemn each crime, because in this field there is zero acceptance. But not even at the poignant judgement, let us not forget that Christ has not come to rescue the right-minded but the sinner, when they expiate. Everyone can have the hope.

All, who are really up to the good for children, we appeal to join their strengths with the efforts of the Pope for the protection of the rights of children - right to life in a harmonic and stabile family, right to healthy upbringing in the family, at school and in healthy moral environment generated by the communications media, right to existence for unborn children and right to respect of life of each person till the natural death. We thank all, who actively accept our appeal.

In Prague April 21, 2010

Czech and Moravian Bishops

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