Halík will be awarded honorary title Man of Reconciliation

On Saturday evening (15. 1. 2011) Tomáš Halík will be awarded honorary title Man of Reconciliation in Warsaw synagogue.
Published: 11. 1. 2011 11:00

Prague: On January 13-16, 2011, president of the Czech Christian Academy Tomáš Halík will visit Warsaw.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jan. 13, he and journalist Adam Michnik will introduce Polish edition of a new book of interview with Pope Benedict XVI, “Light of the World”.

On Friday morning, Jan. 14, he will take part in a panel discussion with Polish Protestants, Catholics and Jews on the topic of “Religion and Democracy” and in the evening he will deliver a lecture on “Europe between Christianity and laicism” at a conference with Apostolic Nuncio to Poland Archbishop Celestino Migliore.

On Saturday evening, the Polish Council of Christians and Jews will confer upon him the honorary title “Man of Reconciliation 2010” during a solemn meeting at the main synagogue of Warsaw, located in a former ghetto. The title is awarded annually to a significant foreign person who has merit in good relations between Christians and Jews. “Laudatio” will be delivered by a Jewish philosopher Prof. Stanisław Krajewski; Tomáš Halík will have a speech on “Reconciled diversity”. Concluding his visit on Sunday, he will meet archbishop of Warsaw, Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz.

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