Czech Three King’s fund-raising topped 70 million crowns

The Three King’s fund-raising exceeded this year in Czech Republic the 70 million CZK border. Charity carolers collected amount of 72.5 million CZK (approx. 3 million EUR).
Published: 1. 2. 2011 13:00

Prague (CZ): The beginning of this year brought record result of 72,5 million Czech crowns (approximately 3 million EUR) on a national scale with his eleven-year history of the Three King collection. Proceeds will support the collection of hundreds of projects in support of the sick, the elderly and people in social distress. Approximately one tenth of revenue collection is designed for humanitarian and development assistance abroad. The Czech charity will support diocesan charity in Indonesia, homecare center in Georgia, baby center in Moldavia, help for kids with handicap in Cecenia, centers for pre-school education in Mongolia and establishing the diocesans centers in Cambodia, Myanmar and Ethiopia.

"The staggering sums of money, but mainly the wave of solidarity and support, during the Three Kings Collection wakes up to catch your breath," says the director of Czech charity Oldřich Haičman, adding: "It is a tremendous honor for us that people think highly about Charity and they appreciate our work, but it is also a big responsibility for us, to use money effectively. Above all we thank our donors, supporters, contributors, and thanks also to our carolers that went on a long and often uncomfortable journey to help the needy and to the parents of these children. Without such a support charity would not work," said Haičman.

"We see, that the number of people, who need our help is not going down. I think that they perceive also our donors, so I probably most enjoy knowing that we are not alone in our duty. It's great and I thank all who have contributed gifts or own activity," says the chief coordinator of the project Marek Navrátil.

Three Kings proceeds of the collection is intended primarily to help sick, disabled, elderly, mothers with children in distress or other socially disadvantaged groups, especially in regions where the collection takes place.

Last year total of 16 041 groups, almost 50 000 volunteers, have collected all over the country. The total revenue collection of the Three Kings in 2010 amounted almost to 69 million crowns. The collection may continue to contribute funds. The bank account number is 66008822/0800 located in Česká spořitelna.

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