Bishops appeal to pray for the victims in Japan

Czech and Moravian bishops through the president of the Czech Bishops´ Conference express deep sorrow about the earthquake and following tsunami that hit Japan on Friday March 11, 2011. Caritas Czech Republic cooperates with Caritas Japan and Caritas Internationalis to prepare help for Japan. Caritas CR opened a special account for collections and meanwhile detached 6000 Euro from its fund for crisis to help the victims of the catastrophe.
Published: 13. 3. 2011 20:10

Czech Republic / Japan: Massive earthquake with the strength of 8,9 degree of Richter scale and resulting wave of tsunami reaching almost 10 metres high at some regions hit north-east Japan on Friday March 11, 2011 and caused the biggest disaster since the Second World War. According to the news the number of death is estimated to increase up to 10 000 people. The wave of tsunami made immense material damages and also the nuclear power station Fukušima was stricken, where vast outbreak threatens.

 "We as Christians want to express our solidarity with victims of the Friday (March 11, 2011) earthquake and tsunami beside the financial help also with prayer", said archbishop Dominik Duka OP. Bishops of the Czech Bishops´ Conference, that in these days take part in the recollection in Vranov at Brno, with deep grief observe news about the tragic disaster that affected Japan. As well as Pope Benedict XVI they urge for effective help to those who survived the tragic earthquake and wave of tsunami. "Inhabitants of the stricken areas of Japan will need help from the whole world in the following days. I therefore urge Christians in our country to join the worldwide solidarity according to their resources. Let us be in prayer with those, who go through these most difficult moments and let us offer financial assistance to those, who need it?" appealed archbishop Dominik Duka OP.

Caritas Czech Republic opened a special account for collections. The account number is 55660022/0800 (variable symbol: 135) and is located in the Česká spořitelna bank.  You can also help by sending SMS in the form of DMS CHARITACR on the number 87777.

The natural catastrophe caused extensive losses of lives and great amount of people is still missing. Material damages are immense. According to the latest news there are 275 700 people without homes and approximately 34 millions of people were temporarily evacuated. Daisuke Narui, director of Caritas Japan, said: "Army has the leading role in the immediate help and is very well equipped for these purposes. Caritas Japan concentrates its efforts to the next phase of reconstruction and renovation." Caritas in Tokio right now provides accommodation to people, who lost their homes and in the prefectship Saitama they started to register volunteers. Caritas Japan will be concerned with the long-term help – in the psychological and psychosocial support, they will help people that will be excluded from the state subventions and will assist to reconstruct living quarters etc. Their help will be directed especially to the surroundings of Sendai that have been largely affected by the catastrophe.

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