Bishops´ Spiritual Exercises 2011

March 13 – 19, 2011 Czech and Moravian bishops together with cardinal Miloslav Vlk and Apostolic Nuncio in the Czech Republic Diego Causero take part in spiritual retreats in Vranov at Brno. This year reatreats are led by P. Marko Ivan Rupnik SJ and are translated by P. Vladimír Málek.
Published: 14. 3. 2011 14:45

Vranov at Brno: P. Marko Ivan Rupnik was born in Zadlogu in Slovenia in 1954. In 1973 he entered Jesuit order and studied theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome with the specialization on the field of mission. In 1985 he became priest. In the year 1991 he finished his doctor title in the field of mission under the guidance of P. Tomáš Špidlík SJ at the Gregorian University.

From September 1991 he has been working in Rome in the Pontifical Oriental Institute, whose director he is. He has been lecturing at the Gregorian University and at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute. From 1999 he has been consultant at the Pontifical Council for Culture. He has been always combining his activities of artists and theologist with pastoral work, mainly by means of conferences, as conductor of numerous courses and spiritual exercises.

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