Dialogue in Central Europe: 20th Anniversary

On the weekend of April 15-17, 2011, the twentieth annual Czech-German conference entitled Dialogue in Central Europe will take place in Brno, this time focusing on the question "What brings and holds European societies together?"
Published: 8. 4. 2011 16:15

Brno: The conference Dialogue in Central Europe will start on April 16 at 7 p.m. in Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral in Brno with a pontifical divine service presided over by bishop of the diocese of Brno, Vojtěch Cikrle. The conference has relocated to the Moravian metropolis from Jihlava for the last five volumes.

According to the organizers, the twentieth anniversary provides an occasion for reflections but the tradition of tackling current problems shall be maintained. "We will be interested in reflecting the Czech-German Declaration of 1997 in the context of current mid-European relationships between  Czechs and Germans, Czechs and Austrians, Slovaks and Hungarians etc. The knowledge of the Czechs and Germans' journey towards understanding can also help us comprehend the perhaps most important question of Europe today: Will the crisis of Euro lead to Germany’s strengthened position of power or to a general movement in Europe to which Germany will remain integral?"

The event is organized by the Bernard Bolzano Society of Prague and the Ackermann-Gemeinde of Munich in cooperation with the corporate town of Brno and the Southmoravian Region. Other partners are the Polish Fundacja Kryżowa and the Slovak Foreign Policy Association.

Further information about the program is available here.

Martina Jandlová

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