Msgr. Jan Vokál Will Be Ordained Bishop for Hradec Králové

The new bishop of Hradec Králové, Msgr. Jan Vokál, shall receive episcopal ordination at the hands of the Vatican Secretary of State, cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in the Roman basilica of St. Peter tomorrow, on Saturday, May 7.
Published: 4. 5. 2011 17:30

Rome: Along with the Vatican Secretary of State, the archbishop of Prague, Msgr. Dominik Duka OP and the Apostolic Nuncius, archbishop Erwin Josef Ender will take part in ordaining the 25th bishop of Hradec Králové, Jan Vokál. The new bishop will then greet his guests in the Vatican gardens. The Episcopacy of Hradec Králové has prepared a special charter flight thanks to which a delegation of bishops, priests, deacons, votaries and faithful from the diocese of Hradec Králové, especially from Jan Vokál's native parish of Hlinsko, will be able to attend the ceremony.

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