New Nuncio to the Czech Republic to Take Up Office

The new Apostolic Nuncio to the Czech Republic arrived on October 13, 2011 at Prague Airport. He is to take up office on Monday, October 17.
Published: 14. 10. 2011 14:30

Prague: Msgr. Leanza is to hand over credentials to the Prezident of the Czech Republic, thereby taking up the office of the Apostolic Nuncio to the Czech Republic. The new Nuncio was welcomed at the Prague Airport by Czech and Moravian Bishops.

Msgr.Leanza was born on January 2, 1943 in Cesarò, Italy. He was ordained priest on July 17, 1966 and incardinated to the diocese of Patti. In 1970, he started studying at the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy in Rome. In 1972, he earned a doctorate in canonical law and entered diplomatic services of the Holy See, working subsequently at the nunciatures of Paraguay, Uganda and the USA. Since 1984, he worked in Section for Relations with States (Vatican State Secretariate, Pontifical Curia).

On September 22, 1990, he received episcopal ordination from the hands of cardinal Casaroli and was named the titulary Archbishop of Lilybaeum. He became Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti on July 3, 1990 and the Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Malawi on June 4, 1991. On April 29, 1999, he was appointed the Nuncio to Bosna and Hercegovina and on May 15, 2002 also to Slovenia and Macedonia. Since February 22, 2003, he worked as the Apostolic Nuncio to Bulgaria and since February 22, 2008, as the Apostolic Nuncio to Ireland. On September 15, 2011, the Holy Father appointed him as the Apostolic Nuncio to the Czech Republic.

Msgr. Leanza speaks Italian, French, English and Spanish.

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