The funeral of his eminence cardinal Miloslav Vlk

Cardinal Miloslav Vlk, Archbishop Emeritus of Prague, died in the morning of Saturday, March 18, 2017. The Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominik Duka, calls for prayers and invites the faithful of the Prague Diocese and all those who loved the cardinal and respected him to pay their last respects.
Published: 22. 3. 2017 13:15

Information on the course of the ceremony

 The requiem and funeral rites will be held at the Ss. Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert Cathedral on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. The Requiem Mass, where Cardinal Dominik Duka, the Archbishop of Prague, will be the main celebrant, will be followed by rites of final commendation and farewell held by Msgr. Jan Graubner, Archbishop of Olomouc. The homily will be held by Msgr. František Radkovský, Bishop Emeritus of Plzeň. The mass will be concelebrated by Bishops of Czech and Moravian dioceses along with cardinals and bishops from abroad and from the Focolare Movement - the Work of Mary.

The funeral will be televised by the Czech Television.

In this context, the Archbishopric Secretariat joins important organizational information:

For pilgrims from near and far:
• The Cathedral can be accessed from all public access points to the Prague Castle (PC). All access points are equipped with security units where each visitor to the PC needs to pass a security check. We ask the pilgrims to keep this in mind when packing their luggage (no weapons, larger knives, self-defence sprays, tazers, etc.).
• Due to strong tourist traffic at the Prague Castle and to facilitate the access of the funeral attendees, special checkpoints for priority check-in of the mourners will be set up by the entrance point at Prašný most bridge (near the tram no. 22 stop) and by the northern entrance point to the 1st courtyard of the PC (from Hradčanské square by the Giants' Gate - Brána gigantů). These posts will be marked with signs „VSTUP NA BOHOSLUŽBU“ (“Entrance for liturgy”). These check-points will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.
• Entry to the Cathedral will be possible between 9:45 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. It is necessary to take into account the delay due to the security check.
• The pilgrims will have space reserved in the newer part of the Cathedral with TV screens. Pilgrims will enter the Cathedral through the entrance on the left when looking at the front facade of the Cathedral.

For monks and nuns:
• Like other pilgrims, monastics need to pass through the security check. They enter the Cathedral through the entrance on the right when looking at the front facade of the Cathedral.

For altar service
• Altar service will gather for rehearsal of the liturgy at 8:30 a.m. at the reception of the Archbishop's Palace. Altar service members who will come at other time will be included in the group of pilgrims.

For the clergy
• Parking for bishops is reserved in the courtyard of the Archbishop's Palace and for all clergy at the Hradčanské square. Please, respect the instructions of the host service when parking.
• Rooms for the dressing of vestments in the Archbishop's Palace will be opened at 9:00 a.m.
• The Liturgical procession (via I. and II. courtyards of the PC) starts at the Archbishop's Palace at 10.45 a.m.
• Bishops, vicar general and vicars bishopric of the Prague Archdiocese, the Cathedral Chapter members, chapter provosts and higher monastic superiors will prepare for the liturgy in the foyer by the chapel on the first floor of the Archbishop's Palace. They will bring their own albs and, when applicable, mitre simplex.
• Priests and those deacons who do not assist will prepare for the liturgy in the Hall of Cardinal Beran at the Archbishop's Palace. Concelebrants will bring their own albs, purple stoles and purificatoriums. After the solemn liturgy, all priests, deacons and the altar service are cordially invited to the Hall of Cardinal Beran at the Archbishop's Palace for midday refreshments.

For constitutional representatives and civil authorities
• The Archbishopric Secretariat asks constitutional representatives and civil authorities who intend to participate in the funeral to have their secretariats contact the Archbishopric Secretariat officer, Mr. Jiří Brázdil (email: , phone: +420 220 392 291). The necessary organizational information will subsequently be sent to them electronically.
• Wreaths and bouquets representing individual institution are also to be reported to Mr. Jiří Brázdil who will provide additional information as needed.

Flower gifts
• Due to limited space, we ask all funeral guests to relinquish flower gifts. Cardinal Miloslav Vlk was an active supporter of the work of the Domestic Hospice Rainbow (Domácí hospic Duha, o.p.s.,) in Hořice (web site: ). Surely, he would be pleased if people who loved him supported this meaningful work as well, instead. Bank account number: 229308919/0300 (IBAN: CZ67 0300 0000 0002 2930 8919; BIC (SWIFT): CEKOCZPP).

Possibility of private prayer and farewell

The coffin with the remains of His Eminence Cardinal Miloslav Vlk will be exposed for private farewell and prayer on the following days:
• Thursday, March 23, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in Ss. Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert Cathedral.
• Friday, March 24, from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in the monastery church of St. Benedict by the female Discalced Carmelites at Hradčanské square in Prague 1.

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