"Bells for Aleppo" will sound also in Czech churches

The Czech Catholic Church joins the appeal of the “Bells for Aleppo” (#bellsforaleppo). From Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 church bells in the Czech parishes will sound at 5 p.m. as a sign of the Crucified and Risen Christ, our hope.
Published: 19. 10. 2016 15:00

“Being aware that we cannot do much with our human strength and feeling deep compassion with all victims of the inhuman conditions in the bombed Aleppo, we ask you to sound bells in your parish at 5 p.m. as a voice of people who suffer and to pray together for our brothers and sisters in Aleppo and all Syria. We ask you to do so for three days, from Friday, Oct. 21, to Sunday, Oct. 23, as a sign of the Crucified and Risen Christ who suffers in all vulnerable people living in inhuman conditions. (…) May this voice of bells also remind our government and governments of the world that they cannot be silent and must act when basic human rights are violated and war crimes against humanity are committed,” reads the statement of the Czech Bishops’ Conference.

Bishops of the Czech Republic and representatives of religious orders, having met at their 107th plenary, have decided to support #bellsforaleppo and ask the faithful to participate in this activity of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Bells sound at 5 p.m. for twelve consecutive days, since Wednesday, Oct. 12, as an appeal to pray for victims of the bombing in Aleppo. The initiative, joined by churches in other European countries, USA and Australia, is planned to culminate on Monday, Oct. 24, the United Nations Day.

More information about the initiative: bellsforaleppo.org

Jiří Gračka