Mons. Josef Kajnek

Mons. Josef Kajnek

("Serve in humility")

Curriculum vitae

He was born on 18 April 1949 in Kutna Hora. Having finished his studies at theSs Cyril and Methodius' Faculty of Theology in Litomerice, he was ordained priest on 26 June 1976 in Prague. He served in Ceska Trebova, Pisecna and Usti nad Orlici. In 1984, his "State Approval of the Priestly Service" was banned for "obstruction of state supervision of Churches" and he was conditionally sentenced. He worked in State Forest Company and in constructions for few years and then he was allowed to come back to pastoral care. He administered Chomutice u Horic, Lazne Belohrad, and Pardubice.

In 1990, he was appointed general vicar in Hradec Kralove and remained to 1998. On 12 December 1992, he was ordained a bishop and appointed auxiliary bishop of Hradec Králové. In 1998-2001 he asked and was allowed to administer to the parish of Jablonne nad Orlici, from 2001 he administered the second largest town in the diocese, Pardubice.

From 1998 he has been serving as bishops' delegate for Spiritual Vocations and for Prison Pastoral Care. On 10 November 2004, he was appointed prior of the Chapter at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Hradec Kralove.

Personal data

Born: 18 Apr 1949 in Kutná Hora
Ordained priest: 26 Jun 1976
Appointed bishop: 4 Nov 1992
Ordained bishop: 12 Dec 1992