An updated publication on the Catholic Church in the Czech Republic was published

The Czech Bishops' Conference has published an updated brochure Catholic Church in the Czech Republic, where you can find the latest information about the local and world church. You can also download it in pdf format.
Published: 9. 8. 2019 12:00

The brochure Catholic Church in the Czech Republic maps various areas of the Catholic Church and is divided into the following chapters:

  • The Catholic Church Worldwide

This chapter summarizes the basic dates of the worldwide Church. Here you will find an overview of the offices of the Roman Curia and the dates of the Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae and, among other things, how many Catholics live in the world, the number of Catholic priests, bishops or religious. There are also mentioned papal trips to Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic and information about the Apostolic Nunciature in the Czech Republic.

  • The Catholic Church in the Czech Republic

The chapter introduces the Czech Bishops' Conference including the Pernament Council of the CBC, the Commissions and the Councils of the CBC. You will find as well the information about the new contact point providing care and help to minors and vulnerable persons.

  • The Life of the Church

This is the largest chapter of this brochure and presents various areas of the life of the Catholic Church, like: education, help to the people in need, healthcare service, accompaniment, culture, family, youth, communication, management of property and activities open to all.

  • Dioceses in the Czech Republic

The Catholic Church in the Czech Republic is divided into two ecclesiastical provinces: the Province of Bohemia and the Province of Moravia. There are eight dioceses in total whose overview you can find in this section of the booklet. Another information is related to the numbers of believers in all dioceses and presented is an overview of sacraments performed in 2018. Inclueded is al well the information about the Apostolic Exarchate in the Czech Republic.

  • Religious Orders and Movements

There are currently 31 male and 63 female religious orders and congregations in the Czech Republic. In this chapter you can find an overview. There are also mentioned church movements and personal prelatures.

The brochure is accompanied by photographs, most of them were taken by the photographers of the photography association Man and Faith. You can download the electronic version here.

Radka Blajdová

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