Mons. Ladislav Hučko

Mons. ThDr. RNDr. Ladislav Hučko CSc.

Světlo světa
("Light of the world, Jan 8,12")

Curriculum vitae

He was born on 16 February 1948 in Presov, Slovakia, in a family of a Byzantine-rite priest. When the Communists abolished the Catholic Church of the Eastern Rite, his family was persecuted and had to leave Presov. They came back in 1955, but until 1963 his father had to work in another town and spent time with his family only on Sundays.

When he was rejected entering the Theological Faculty in Bratislava and was told there was no free space, he started to study Experimental Physics in Kosice and graduated in 1971. In 1972 he graduated with a Doctor's degree in Physics. Because of his faith, he had to leave the faculty. In 1973-1989 he lived in Bratislava and researched the production of oil and gas. He took an active part in various religious groups.

Soon after the fall of the Communist regime he started to work as an editor in Catholic newspapers. In 1990-1991 he worked as executive secretary at theSlovakian Bishops' Conference. In 1992 he entered the Lateran University in Rome and in 2000 he graduated with a Doctor's degree in Theology. He worked on the cosmological ideas of Russian religious thinkers in the 19th and 20th century.

On 30 March 1996 he was ordained a priest by Eastern Rite Bishop Slavomir Miklovs of Krizevci, Croatia. After his return from Rome he started to teach Dogmatic Theology in Kosice, Slovakia, and spiritually served in the local St Luke's Geriatrics Centre. He founded the theological revue Verba Theologica. He also served as a spiritual in the St Charles Borromeo's Seminary in Kosice. In 1997 he published a book of essays Zivot je vztah ("Life is a Relation").

On 24 April 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed him titular bishop of Horaea and apostolic exarch for the faithful of the Eastern Rite in the Czech Republic. He was ordained a bishop on 31 May 2003 in Prague. In 2004 he graduated a Senior Lecturer in the Dogmatic Theology in the Theological Faculty in Kosice. In 2005 he was elected general secretary of the Czech Bishops' Conference.

Personal data

Born: 16 Feb 1948 in Prešov (Slovakia)
Ordained priest: 30 Mar 1996
Appointed bishop: 24 Apr 2003 
Ordained bishop: 31 May 2003