Bishops’ plenary: Church should find her place in society

On 6–7 July 2018, the 114th plenary meeting of the Czech Bishops’ Conference – representatives of both Roman and Greek Catholic Churches as well as religious orders – took place in Velehrad, a South Moravian place of pilgrimage linked with the mission of Sts. Cyril and Methodius.
Published: 7. 7. 2018 19:00

The participants were informed about the situation of the Church in the society; they stated it was necessary to continue explaining the principles of the property settlement and underlining that the Church property is here to serve the entire society.

The bishops also addressed the GDPR: accepted a general regulation of the bishops’ conference in this regard and approved a creation of a group to dwell upon the issue permanently.

They emphasized the stance of the Church concerning marriage as an indissoluble union of man and woman and supported the petition of the Alliance for Families to define marriage as a union between man and woman in the Czech constitution.

The plenary meeting agreed that the Catholic Church should join the initiative of the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the International Day of Peace by ringing bells on 21 September. The bishops were also informed about the initiative #RedWednesday – a commemoration of persecuted Christians on 28 November – and approved a survey to be done on the possibilities of a possible participation.

National intentions of the Prayer Apostolate were approved, concentrating on Theological Virtues and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

The participants of the plenary also accepted some initiatives for the celebration of the Extraordinary Missionary Month in October 2019: the preparation would start in October 2018 by a letter sent to the faithful with basic information; missionary activities of the Czech Church in the world during the past hundred years would be mapped; and preceding the Missionary Month, the attention should focus on support of diocesan directors of the Pontifical Mission Societies or cooperation with the Christian media in creating some long-term projects on mission. A national missionary congress should take place in late September 2019.

During the plenary, the participants recalled the centenary of Czechoslovakia and paid visits to the tombs of two prominent figures of the political life of the Czech society in the 20th century: Archbishop of Olomouc and Member of Parliament Antonín Cyril Stojan and founder of the Czech Christian Democratic Party Msgr. Jan Šrámek, as they both are buried in Velehrad.


Jiří Gračka

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