Leadership the Czech Bishops’ Conference handed over the office to new leader Stanislav Přibyl

New General Secretary of the bishops’ conference Stanislav Přibyl was hand over of the possition on September 30, 2016 in Prague.
Published: 5. 10. 2016 16:30

Photo: Jiří Novák/ČBK

Even Stanislav Přibyl was elected by 105th plenary that takes place in Hejnice on April 19, 2016 he started working slowly in his new function of the General Secretary of the bishops’ conference. Former leader Tomáš Holub was elected as a bishop to Plzeň. Since April till September were Tomáš Holub and Stanislav Přibyl cooperated together at the post. Tomáš Holub were refering knowledge and information about the institution to Stanislav Přibyl.

He is at the Redemptorists congregation. He has an exprerience with church from the post as a parish priest, from a provincial superior of his congregation, and from post of President of the Prague Archdiocesan Charity.

Stanislav Přibyl wants to continue in the leadship in the way of Tomáš Holub. He would like to include more profesional work with human dimension focused on the utility to church as a utility to the Body of Jesus Christ. New General Secretary of the bishops’ conference came from position of the vicar general of the Litoměřice diocese.

Handover of the position happened on 30 of September 2016 at the Czech Bishops’ Conference place. Cardinal Dominik Duka, Archbishop of Prague and employees of the office attended this ceremony. Stanislav Přibyl took a vow and confessed creed of faith.

(Author: Nela Fabiánová)

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