New auxiliary bishop ordained for Ostrava-Opava

An unprecedented event took place in the cathedral of the Holy Savior in Ostrava on Sunday, May 28, 2017: Msgr. Martin David, the very first auxiliary bishop for the diocese of Ostrava-Opava, received episcopal ordination.
Published: 29. 5. 2017 9:45

Photo: Pavel Zuchnický

Msgr. David, currently the vicar general of the diocese, was consecrated by Bishop František V. Lobkowicz; co-consecrators were Archbishop Jan Graubner of Olomouc and Bishop Vojtěch Cikrle of Brno. The newly ordained bishop had been appointed on April 7 by Pope Francis.

The ceremony in the crowded cathedral was also attended by several other bishops from the Czech Republic and Poland together with Apostolic Nuncio Giuseppe Leanza, by some 150 priests, by close relatives of the new bishop, by representatives of the political and public life and by several hundred other people.

Before the ordination mass, the candidate took a solemn vow in the chapel of the bishopric: he proclaimed the Creed in Latin and made an oath of fidelity to the Roman Catholic Church and to its teaching. Bishop Lobkowicz and Chancellor Pavel Ramík together with several priests and lay faithful were witnesses of this oath.

The new bishop already has a motto and a coat-of-arms. "There are two main symbols in the coat-of-arms: a star and the letter M. Star is the symbol of Mary, the Morning Star, and represents my date of birth as well as the four churches of my life that are dedicated to Our Lady - the places of my baptism, of my confirmation, of my diaconal ordination and of my first service as a parish priest," said Msgr. David. The coat-of-arms also contains the color blue for Mary as well as the letter M, taken from the bishop's first name, in white and red. "This double-colored letter symbolizes Saint Martin who cut his own cloak in halves to offer one part to a poor man," explained Msgr. David. At the same time, the colors gold, blue, red and white refer to the diocesan coat-of-arms. For his motto, the new bishop has chosen the words from the Gospel according to John "The Word became flesh" (1:14 NAB).

Msgr. Martin David has become the very first auxiliary bishop of the diocese established in 1996. Born in 1970 in Čeladná, he studied the vocational school of engineering in Kopřivnice and worked as an engine mechanic at the local vehicles manufacture "Tatra". Since 1991 he studied theology in Olomouc and was ordained priest in 2000. After the pastoral service in several parishes of the diocese of Ostrava-Opava, he was appointed vicar general of the diocese by Bishop Lobkowicz in 2008.

(Transl.: Jiří Gračka)


František Jemelka

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